2016 Global Medical Missions Conference in Sydney

The conference is preparing to participate in conference with health care provider, student and people who would like to give their time and effort to his kingdom as the chance of dedication to the “mission” across all denomination and organization for.

In the “Come” section, as reaffirming Jesus' crucifixion and his calling, we can firm our identification of missionary life. Also, in the “Go” section, we can discuss how we can go as responding his calling of missionary life as each professional area. In addition, we will invite

missionaries who already in the mission field and professions to discuss and share specific mission strategies and things that we have to prepare for the mission and global mission’s stream.


7th(Fri)-8th(Sat) October 2016


7-8th Oct ; Sydney Saesoon Presbyterian Church (1 Trent Rd. North Rocks NSW 2151)
9-10th Oct ; Fairmont Resort in Blue Mountains (Additional Join Fee)


COME & GO! (Calling and Mission)

If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord. (Romans 14:8)


Early Bird

$40 (From 1st Sep to 30th Sep)
If you want to register, make a registration form and then deposit into the account below.

$30 (Group over 20 people)

On Day
$50 (Including Meals, Conference brochure, Bag)
Oceania Medical Missions Association
Bendigo bank
BSB: 633 - 000
ACCOUNT: 143137024


7th October 8th October
12pm- Registration
1pm – 2pm Mission Expo
2pm – Opening Service
3pm – Plenary session 1
6pm – Dinner
7pm – 9:30pm Plenary session 2
9am - Plenary session 3
11:30am - Lunch & Mission Expo
1pm – Elective session 1
2:30pm - Tea Break
3pm - Elective session 2
4:30pm - Plenary session 4
5:30pm - Dinner
6:30pm – 8pm Plenary session 5
Time table could be changed

Goal of the Conference

1) Through the Global Medical Missions Conference, it present vision and challenge not only healthcare providers, but also disciples to handle the mission and evangelization of the world, along with revival of local church.

2) As networking with local churches, missionary organizations and missionary of whole world, the conference can contribute to share their professional missionary strategies as well as develop to partnership.

3) As promote meeting with Good influential mentors in the world to the next generation and young people, the conference will challenge them to become holistic missionaries by sharing mentor’s vision.

2016 Global Medical Missions Conference elective lecturer

Name Profile Title
Rev. Byung Sam Kim Mana Methodist Church Senior Pastor
CEO of World Human Bridge
주님의 기쁨이 되기를
Keon Oh Lee, M.D. President of Global Medical Missions Association
Former Director of pohang sunlin medical center
Director of BagAe Hospital
Director of Memorial Committee for Dr. Kee-ryo Chang
세계 한인 의료선교의 현황과 향후 방향
Sang Eun Park, M.D. Internal Med Specialist
President of Korea Council of Healing Mission
Co-president of Global Medical Missions Association
Director of AnYang Sam Hospital
Chairman of National Bioethics Committee of South Korea
Director of AFF(Africa Future Foundation)
<의료선교로의 부르심>아버지의 꿈 나의 꿈
S. Peter Chung, M.D. Presently, practice at Ocala Heart Institute
President of Heart For The World
President of Luke World Mission, 2001-2012
Chairman of Board, Compassion Alliance, 2001-2008
President of KAMHC/GMMA
주제: 선교지에서 만난 하나님
Larry Kwak, M.D. Malignant lymphoma vaccine in 2009
Time’ Choice ‘100 most influential in the world in 2010
Director of lymphoma center in LA Cancer Center, City of Hope
Hoam Medical Awards
Pursuit of Excellence
Dr. Ruth Kwak Former Children Family Association in California
Vice-president of Adoption Non-profit Organization
Youth Ministry Specialist
Pursuit of Excellence
Rev. Phillip Lyn, M.D. Senior Pastor in Malaysia Skyline Church
Internal Med Specialist in Oxford Royal College
Adviser doctor of Internal Medicine
Market Place Institution Leader
Mobilizing God’s People into the 9-5 Window
Dr. John Park Former Yemen Medical Missionary
Former Director of Interserve Korea
Surgical Specialist
하나님의 선교, Missio Dei가 도전하는 세계의료선교
Dr, Kwan Tae Park Professor of Medical College
Director of Vascular Transplantation Surgery in Korea Uni. Hospital
Vice-president of Organ Transplantation Center in Korea Uni Hospital
Professor of Mongolia Medical College

2016 Global Medical Missions Conference elective lecturer

Name Profile
Dr. Koonjin Lim Crisis Relief Singapore
Leadership of Singapore Medical Mission
Fresh Insights From Over 15 Years of Medical Missions
Dr. David Choi Internal Med, Cancer Specialist Mentoring the Next Generation for Medical Missions”
Dr. Yong Sik, Kim Internal Med Specialist
Surgical Specialist
Clinical Professor in Baylor-College-of-Medicine
Vice-president of KAMHC/GMMA
How to help Syrian refugees?
Dr. Woo Jeong, Kim Director of Hebron Hospital in Cambodia
Pediatric Specialist
협력과 연합
Dr. Hyun Joo, Kim Urology Specialist
Former Clinical director of Cha Hospital
Director of Elim Hospital
Medical Mission Pastor in Mana Methodist Church
시대의 요청: 전문인자립선교
Dr. Seong Joo, Moon President of KOWSMA
Ministry of foreign student, multicultural family
세계선교의 부르심과 전문인선교사역의 시대적 요청
Dr. Moon Kyung, Baek Dentist Missionary
Aboriginal Ministry
한국내 이주민 의료선교의 현실과 과제
Dr. Sung Ho, Bae Neurology Specialist, Pastor
Department of Neurology Institure Fellow in USA
Clinical Professor in Thomas Jefferson University
Professor of Wesley Theology Seminary
완전한 치유와 건강을 추구하라
Dr. David Roh Internist/Nephrologist/Hospitalist.
Director of Long Beach VA Hospital Nephrology
Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in North Korea
Lessons I learned in North Korea: How can we impact NK Healthcare?
Dr. Mary Roh Pediatric Specialist
Pyonyang University of Science and Technology in North Korea
One Woman Doctor's Journey with God into North Korea
Dr. Joseph Chun Internal Med, Allergy Specialist
Allergy-Immunology UCLA Medical Center
Talbot School Of Theology. Institute for Spiritual Formation
Why do we get sick? How do we get Healed?
Dr. Lydia Chun Doctor of Psychology
Founder and Director of GIFT Professional Counseling
Co-founder of GIFT Counseling and Wellness Center
How do I REALLY~~ Connect with others and God?
Dr. HiKon, Chun Radiology Specialist
CEO of Korean – American Missions Health Council
General President of Global Medical Missions Association
Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania,
Professor of Fuller Theological Seminary and Asia United Theological University
비 의료인의 의료선교
Dr. Jae Doo Shim Internal Med Specialist
Missionary in Europe Albania
Director of 7000 movement
의료선교의 핵심 주제, 과제, 문제
Dr. Hyuk Jin, Lee Saegyaero Hospital in Busan
Director of Department of Breast Cancer
의료선교 공동체 세계로 병원 이야기
Dr. Jin Sil Ro Missionary in Nepal (Hope School)
First Missionary in Han Dong Uni.
education in Mission (교육과 선교)
Dr. Young Gun, Song Missionary of GAMA (Global Asian Medicine Association)
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Director of Co&Co Oriental Medicine
한방의료선교의 개념과 실제
Missionary Seong-e, Cho Missionary of GAMA (Global Asian Medicine Association) 선교사가 되려면 알고 준비해야 할 것들에 대하여
Dr. Seock Jeong, Woo Medical Missions Institute in Busan
Long An Segaero Hospital in Vietnam
인도차이나 관문 도시 선교에의 부르심
Dr. Seung Rok, Yu Dentist Missionary
Former Missionary in Kenya and China
의료선교의 패러다임
Dr. Stephen, Lee Director of WEC Central Asia
Dentist Missionary
세계복음화에 있어서 보내는 선교사의 중요성과 역할
Dr. John Joo Podiatry Specialist
Dr. William Han Nerve Sparing Gynecologic Surgery
Urogynecology Specialist
단기의료선교 의 인식체계의 대 전환- 교육선교 및 외과 수술선교
Dr. Joshua Yun Internal Med Specialist
Interserve Missionary in Jordan
선교지로 가기까지의 로드맵-요르단 Noor 결핵병원
Missionary Daniel Kwon A Cup of Water International 물과 불을 함께준다?
Dr. Jae won, Kang World Sports Mission Australia
Senior Business Advisor in NSW Small Business Commissioner
‘저 숲에 생김새가 똑같은 나뭇가지는 없다.’ – 하나님의 창조의 다양성
Dr. Kay Park Dentist
Dental Focus Senior Doctor
크리스찬의 병원경영
Dr. John Lee OMMA Dentist Missionary, Pastor Fulfilling the Great Commission; Key to overcoming fear of Evangelism and Mission

Honorary host_ Rev. Jun Seck Ra (Senior Pastor of Sydney Saesoon Presbyterian Church)

Host_ Kenneth Park (CEO of Oceania Medical Missions Association, Co-president of Global Medical Missions Association, Managing Director of Healthcare Focus)

Co-host_ Keon Oh Lee, M.D. (President of Global Medical Missions Association)

  • - Hikon Chon, M.D. (General President of Global Medical Missions Association)
  • - Sang Eun Park, M.D. (President of Korea Council of Healing Mission)
  • - S. Peter Chung, M.D. (President of Korean – American Missions Health Council)

Sponsor_ Korea Church Leaders in Australia,

Global Medical Missions Association, Korea Council of Healing Mission,

Korean – American Missions Health Council, Europe Medical Missions Association

Africa Medical Missions Association